Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Now We Are 30

We’ve all had them: good days, bad days, in-between days, days where the light shines brightly through the curtain and all you can think is, “I don’t want to get up”. Days where the girl leaves. Days where she comes back. Days where the sun clatters off the pavement, where the leaves fall, where everything is perfect – days you want, even if you don’t know why, or how, to hold onto forever.

Now We Are 30 is a selection of the best (and worst) of those days. A series of Polaroid images charting one year in the life of Stuart Woodman: a year of change; of breakup; of new beginnings and strange places. But also, like any other year, of the mundane and minute. Using the un-editable immediacy of a Polaroid, Woodman tracks the big and little things of his life, adhering to a strict policy of “one day, one image”: days of moving cities, of failing relationships, of new beginnings. This book – poignant, moving, reflective, grainily beautiful – is the result.

Stuart Woodman - Now We Are 30

48 pages, 36 full colour images, lithographically printed and perfect bound

Limited Edition of 500 copies

Please email doubleplusgoodbooks@gmail.com for availability

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